Unique Features

Forsk Coding School is well known for its unique "Project-Based Learning" Approach. Form the Day one of training We are involving students in capstone projects for understanding the real-time environments.

Logic Building

Coding in its most essential form is nothing but problem solving. It deals with figuring out logical solutions and implementing them optimally. The process of learning to code, transforms a person into an analytical thinker with strong mathematical and logical skills.

Industry Trainers

Our team of trainers has a combined experience that cannot be paralleled by any competitor. Our founders Dr. Sylvester Fernandes & Mr. Yogendra Singh have very rich industry cum training experience. Forsk already succeeded with many global ventures repute such as Jumio, Vaibhav Global and Pratham Software

Job Assistance

From the smallest light bulb to the most massive aircrafts, every industry is now implementing the use of computer programming for the convenience of the end user. A good command over coding can thus open a wide variety of employment opportunities.


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Special Courses

Guaranteed Job Bootcamp - AI ML

We have a six months intensive bootcamp machine learning and deep learning studies as well as hands-on experience working with data.

Summer Internship Programe 2020

Forsk Summer Internship Program provides you with the mindset, skill set and network you need to invent the future career.

Evening Classes - For College Students

This course is designed forcollege students who want to develop their Python programming skills for project development, placement readiness and job interviews.

Advance feature

Our Advance Educator Learning System

Theory is no good, if you haven’t learnt to apply it right – Hands-On Imperative approach is all about application. The 12 Week Bootcamp is an intense, immersive and hands-on experience

Interactive Discussions

A topic from our curriculum is picked to be discussed and explored in all length and width. This interaction intensive session is a far cry from a class room style lecture and makes learning participative.

Pair Programing

It is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together as a pair on one workstation. One, the driver, writes code while the other, the observer reviews every line of code.


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