Forsk Summer Internship & Training Program 2020

The Forsk Coding School by Forsk Technologies is on a mission to Strengthen Data Science, Data Engineering, Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence​ ecosystem in India.
We work towards the vision of Indian students, working professionals, researchers becoming critical contributors, owners, and shapers of the coming advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

About the Summer Training Cum Internship at Forsk

The Forsk Coding School Jaipur will organize the 4th “Forsk Summer Internship & Training Program 2020” in emerging technology trends — Python, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Bigdata, DevOps, AI, and Web” — in Jaipur, India between May — July 2020.
The event brings together hundreds of graduate students and professionals every year to cover the foundational research, new developments, and real-world applications of Python, machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

Join to have a Priceless Summer Training Program Cum Internship:

“Creating Meaningful Experiences Through Project-Based Learning in Technology Education.”
If you’re looking for an opportunity to share your ideas, enhance your skills and are ready to learn how technology is transforming the way you work, join for this exciting summer program.

10 Reasons to Apply to Forsk Summer Internship & Training Program 2020

+ Acquire in-depth knowledge and training on important topics and cutting edge development in Data Science, Bigdata, DevOps and AI using Daily Programming Problems (DPP).
+ Be part of the major forum where distinguished people from industry share their first-hand experiences with you.
+ Join an intensive multidisciplinary training program that transforms the way you think of solving computer science problems.
+ Enhance your CV by adding relevant skills and projects to it.
+ Take away new ideas, exciting further questions and contacts with colleagues from all over India.
+ Prepare for coding competitions and placements season.
+ Make your summers of 2020 an unforgettable experience.
+ Weekly industry sessions every Friday.
+ Top performers get an internship opportunity with a stipend in their final semester.
+ Get placement opportunity with our partner companies in Jaipur, NCR, Hyderabad, and Bangaluru.

Participation Prerequisites

This program is perfect for those who are in their second year or third year of engineering education with a background in computer science, information technology, and communication engineering.
Also, if you are from BCA or MCA, this is the program to make you ready for industry.
As long as you have the motivation and can-do attitude, you can participate in this summer program.

Our Target Audience:

+ BTech, BCA, MCA and MTech candidates
+ Academic and industrial professionals with interests in data science
+ And everyone who wants to have knowledge of avant-garde topics

What will I learn at the “Forsk Summer Students Developer Program”?

+ Python Coding Skills
+ Data Engineering/ETL — Bigdata, Pipelining (Databricks)
+ Data Science — Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI
+ Natural Language Processing
+ Chatbots
+ Recommender Systems
+ Data Streaming — Kafka
+ Cloud and DevOps
+ Frontend Web Development — HTML, CSS and JavaScript
+ Practical Applications of Machine Learning
+ Career Services

To get daywise schedule over email/WhatApp, please register at:

Preliminary Dates-

+ February 16, 2020: Applications open
+ Early bird registration discount available before March 15, 2020
+ May — July: Summer Training

Spend a Wonderful Time at Forsk Technologies in This Summer 2020!

From the beginning of the programme, the coding school involves students in capstone projects. It helps improve skills in coding and computer science fundamentals, and ultimately, secure a quality career in the industry.

Fee and Registration Link-

The fee for this 8 weeks long program is rupees 16500/-. There is a fee waiver available for exceptional academic candidates and students registering in groups.

Contact Us

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Dr. Sylvester Fernandes

Dr. Sylvester Fernandes, Co-Founder has obtained his Doctorate in Computer Science (Cryptography), from J.N.V.U. He has a rich experience of 14 years in Application Development as well as deployment of mobile applications for the next generation of computing platforms. Area of Expertise: Mobile and Wireless Application Development, Web Application Development, Product Engineering, Embedded Solutions and SmartOS Based Solutions. Industry Verticals Served: Diamond and Jewellery, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Medical, Gaming and Petroleum.

Yogendra Singh

Yogendra has several years of experience with leading mobility and app development companies like Qualcomm, Mango and ZDRIVE. While working with these companies he has played strategic and key role in developing and launching hundreds of apps successfully. He was part of the team that developed an application framework for low and mid-tier mobile devices that enables developers to quickly create customized mobile apps and user experience. This product was sold to Qualcomm Inc, world's largest semiconductor company.