Evening Python Classes

This course is designed for university or college students who want to develop their Python programming skills for project development, placement readiness and job interviews.

This Python course is end to end coverage of Python programming starting from basics of Python to topics like regular expression, REST APIs, JSON, database handling and many more.

The course aims to give you practical knowledge in Python with daily code challenges and their solutions.

By end of this course, you will be able to write programs in Python to master the rich set of Python libraries and modules, understand procedural control flow in Python and use Object Oriented programming techniques.


Python is one of the most favored programming languages used worldwide. It has undergone more than 25 years of the successful span and it is one of the fastest growing programming languages. Python itself reveals its success story and a promising future ahead. Python has now toppled Java to become the most taught programming languages in Universities and Academica.

Though, it depends on the individual. For a beginner, learning Python makes sense because its simple. For an experienced programmer who is looking to go into Data Science and Machine learning, learning Python makes sense because it’s quickly becoming the most used programming language and there are powerful APIs and libraries available for AI, data science, and machine learning.

With programming knowledge in Python, you can work as Software Engineer, Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Analysts, Data Scientist and Software Developer.

In this course are are going to cover:
+ General introduction to programming
+ Data Types, User Input/Output, Code Commenting
+ Writing Python Scripts
+ Control Flow and Loops
+ List, Tuples, Dictionaries and Sets
+ Functions and File Handling
+ Lambda, Filter and Map, Reduce
+ Collections
+ Regular Expressions
+ Data Scrapping using BeautifulSoup and Selenium
+ Database Handling in Python (Relational and NoSQL Databases)
+ Generators and Decorators
+ Exception Handling
+ Debug Python Code
+ OOPs in Python
+ Unit Testing in Python Code

Who Can Attend?

This course is well suited for professionals and students with a background in electronics engineering, electrical engineering, information technology or computer science. For college students this can really help them get understanding about Python programming and make a career in this. College students who want to appear for job interviews, college placement drives or internship drives where coding is necessary skill to get success, this course can really help you.

To register for the course please call us at +91 78519 29944 or email us at forsklabs@gmail.com

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Dr. Sylvester Fernandes

Dr. Sylvester Fernandes, Co-Founder has obtained his Doctorate in Computer Science (Cryptography), from J.N.V.U. He has a rich experience of 14 years in Application Development as well as deployment of mobile applications for the next generation of computing platforms. Area of Expertise: Mobile and Wireless Application Development, Web Application Development, Product Engineering, Embedded Solutions and SmartOS Based Solutions. Industry Verticals Served: Diamond and Jewellery, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Medical, Gaming and Petroleum.

Yogendra Singh

Yogendra has several years of experience with leading mobility and app development companies like Qualcomm, Mango and ZDRIVE. While working with these companies he has played strategic and key role in developing and launching hundreds of apps successfully. He was part of the team that developed an application framework for low and mid-tier mobile devices that enables developers to quickly create customized mobile apps and user experience. This product was sold to Qualcomm Inc, world's largest semiconductor company.